Barkley — Coming Soon!


born December 2019

10 lbs.

Crate trained!!!!

Nearly housebroken!

Welcome Barkley! At just over two years old, Barkley has already captured our hearts despite his special needs and rough start to life. Barkley was surrendered to a vet as a puppy due to suspected cerebellar hypoplasia—in layman’s terms, the part of his brain that controls balance is underdeveloped. This is a congenital malformation and the good news is that he is happy and otherwise perfectly healthy! The bad news is that, unaided, he always seems a little drunk; he spins in circles, falls over a lot, and has poor overall coordination and some tremors.

To make matters worse, Barkley’s first owner moved and left him behind, so we definitely needed some time and TLC to win his trust once he came to us. But for a little guy who can’t walk in a straight line, Barkley has no problems making his BIG personality known. He is loving and playful, nearly always down for a snuggle, and does a full-body wiggle (and then falls over… *sigh*) when he spots his friends coming. While toys seem to be new to him, he definitely would like to chew on that tissue in your pocket (he’ll even pull it out for you), a sock he found on the floor, or just your hand (gently, of course, though he will make some impressive dinosaur noises while he does). Also, he would please like a bite or three of whatever you’re eating.

Foster mom reports that Barkley is very interested in his (similarly-sized) canine sister, and the two have played together well. He is a bit fearful of larger dogs, and still has some stranger-danger barking going on, but he warms up to everyone pretty quickly.

Barkley is crate-trained and keeps it clean in there. He sleeps through the night without complaint, but if crated during the day, he will sing you the song of his people to let you know that he’s worried he’s missing out on something. Barkley is also mostly house trained (due to his balance issues, we currently use a handle harness to help him keep his balance while pottying), but still occasionally has accidents in the house, usually due to stress. Given his mobility issues, he can’t easily signal a need to go outside, so we think he’s doing pretty well!

Here’s where you can help: Although Barkley is remarkably good-natured in spite of his limitations, his mobility and quality of life will be greatly improved with a full support, quad wheelchair (this will stabilize him so he can walk and even run without falling). Given that his condition will be lifelong, we are having one custom-built for him for maximum comfort and maneuverability. This, of course, costs far more than what we typically spend on a rescue’s care, plus he will remain in foster care until his wheelchair arrives and he can train with it for a bit, and so we are asking for donations specifically to fund Barkley’s wheels. Can you spare your morning coffee money to give this handsome little guy a way to catch up to his friends? (Just click the “virtual foster” link below if so!)

Stay tuned, because we hope to update with Barkley’s newfound mobility and release him for adoption very soon!

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