Bojack – Special Needs


born ~February 2020

52 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“You know, sometimes I feel like my whole life is just a series of loosely related wacky adventures.” – Todd, Bojack Horseman

Meet Bojack!  Bojack is a young average sized guy at around 1 year old and 55lbs.  When Bojack first came to ACR he needed an amputation due to an old, poorly healed, leg injury that was causing him a lot of pain but now that he has recovered, he’s got a bright future ahead of him despite the many adventures (and misadventures) that lead him to us. We are requiring that Bojack go to a home with another dog.

While Bojack’s beginnings may have been a little rough he is settling into home life well with his foster mom. Bojack is already crate-trained and housebroken! He’d prefer to be out of his crate where the party is, but after a token protest, he can settle in for a nap. He quickly mastered “sit” after his recovery and is dutifully learning to be a better version of himself every day!

Bojack is an energetic and very fun-loving pup that loves playing with canine pals but can take the hint when others aren’t interested in romping around with him.  Bojack currently lives with a cat friend who he would love to get to know better, but the cat is not as interested in making their friendship official.  

In terms of his human friends, Bojack is very shy when he meets adults, but once he warms up, his foster mom says he is very sweet and affectionate. With kids, Bojack will walk right up and ask for some pets.  Small humans are much less intimidating.  If he has a confident canine companion to show him the ropes Bojack’s personality blossoms so much faster. Bojack needs to live in a home that has another dog, preferably one that is confident. We will only consider applications for Bo who have other dog(s). Because of his past, Bo tends to shadow the behavior of the dog in his home, and thus, he adjusts better when there is a dog. He seems to need that emotional support canine BFF to continue giving him that confidence boost he needs to navigate his way through this big wide world, which is ok!  

Bojack has a permanent happy puppy face, and the boy can find joy in just about any situation. Bojack may even be part-rabbit because some of his favorite treats are lettuce and carrots, and he’ll do just about anything you ask of him for a veggie treat!

Are you ready to take this resilient pup on the best adventure of his life and one that lasts forever?  Contact us today!

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