born ~July 2021

52 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!!


“Would I like to be the lead girl? Who wouldn’t?”

—Bonnie Hunt

Introducing Bonnie! This adorable cow-print gal weighs it at just about 52 pounds (we suspect she’ll top out around 60) and will be turning one this summer; we think that means she’s both the perfect medium/large size and all of the unbridled puppy playfulness you love with a little more maturity/progress than an actual fresh puppy.

Bonnie has proven to be an eager and quick learner in her foster home! She is happy to nap and sleep the night in her crate without complaint, and she keeps it clean. She is also housebroken now, signaling her need to go outside by sitting patiently at the door. (Foster dad does caution that if she’s to be left alone for more than an hour or two, she’s best crated to prevent an accident.) Bonnie is also enjoying learned new commands, and will reliably “sit” or “leave it” when instructed.

While we’ve yet to see Bonnie around children, so far she’s never met a human or canine stranger—she confidently approaches other dogs ready for playtime, and the two-legged creatures are clearly there to pet her, right?? Bonnie would like your attention, please and thank you. She’s super friendly and ready to make you her new BFF. We think Bonnie would enjoy a similarly playful canine sibling, but would likely irritate a less energetic dog. As for cats, unfortunately Bonnie sees potential… for snacks rather than friends. She will need a cat-free home  

Bonnie is still young and very much the epitome of “big puppy energy.” The good news is that she’s down for however you’d like to tire her out: Fetch? Absolutely. Go for a walk or (better still) a run? She’ll race you. Swimming? Oh, yes! She does require quite a bit of exercise to tire her out, and so the bad news is that if she is not properly exercised/stimulated she is likely to be a bit naughty (as bored puppies tend to be). If you’re just looking for a couch buddy, Bonnie is not your girl. But if you want a workout pal who will then wiggle into your lap, give you plenty of kisses, and snuggle the night away, Bonnie can’t wait to meet you.

Vacuum cleaners are Bonnie’s greatest fear (which is sort of comical, given how unafraid she is of everything else), but she says she’ll endure yours if you’re going to be her fun-loving forever home. Do you have a Bonnie-shaped hole in your family? Contact us today!

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