Byx – Adopted!!!


born ~January 2021

36 lbs.

Learning Crate Training! 

Learning House Training! 

Meet Byx! Make no mistake by the gray on her face, she is just shy of eight months old! At 36 pounds, and she’s just going to keep growing! For now we aren’t completely sure how big she’ll get but anyone who adopts her should expect her to be between 55-65 or so pounds (give or take) once full grown.

So far, Byx has proven to be as sweet as can be with other dogs and humans and we are so excited to see her go to her forever home!

We couldn’t find but one qualm about her – and that’s that she chewed a cable when foster mom wasn’t looking but it’s okay, how can you blame such a sweet face?

Stay tuned as we learn more about her.

Athens Canine Rescue
P.O. Box 7064
Athens, GA 30604