Coleman (Adopted!!!), Kindle (Adopted!!!), and Smore (Adopted!!!)


Born on April 8, 2022

4.5-7.5 lbs.

Learning Crate Training! 

Learning Housebreaking! 

Introducing the Summertime Litter!

These pups belong to Summer and she has done such a great job of raising them! Now it’s about time for them to spread their wings and go to their own forever homes. There are eight puppies in the litter, seven of which are currently adoptable. They will likely end up being around 40-50 pounds each when full grown, but it’s all a guess as they (obviously) are all different shapes and sizes!


Coleman (M): This guy has the shortest, most velvet-y of the coats between the pups. He’s a handsome light creme color, and seems to take most from his mom. He is a goofy, spunky pup.

Smore (F): Did someone say wrinkles?! Smore has them for DAYS! She is the largest pup in the litter, and the most “houndy” looking for right now. She’s got a ridiculous scrunched face, with the sweetest personality to match.

Kindle (F): The tan with black muzzle pup is a fuzzy, quiet girl. She’s the most gentle of all of the pups and is quick to try to find a lap or person to hide behind. She was so excited to play with the toys when it was her turn for solo pictures!

The pups are learning how to be dogs, and live with a foster who has many different types of animals, giving them such a great foundation! It’ll be up to the adopter to continue that and allow them to live their life in the best way for the future!

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