born ~September 2016

22 lbs.

crate trained


Introducing “The Fishes!” Our Finding Nemo pups are a three pack of brothers who came to us as bottle pups when their mom was no longer able to care for them. They currently weigh between 3.5-4.5 pounds at 6.5 weeks and should weigh around 20 or so pounds (give or take!) when full grown. 

Say hello to the fluffiest of the pups, Crush! He’s got a huge personality and is the cutest when you watch him do his little puppy hops across the room! He loves to play and is so fun to have around! 

These little guys have grown up in a home with other dogs, cats, and all kinds of critters that are laying down an incredible foundation for them! With this in mind, they’d all fit into almost any home as long as you keep up with the proper socialization and training! 

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