Dally – Special Needs


born September 2021

40 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!!


“Slow down, everyone. You move too fast.”
–Jack Johnson

Welcome Dally! This beautiful girl was little more than skin and bones when she joined our program, but now she’s a “giant goober” (per foster mom; and yes, that’s the technical term, of course) who is loving life and living it to the fullest. Dally has mega esophagus, which means that without the help of gravity and some time spent upright after eating or drinking, she will regurgitate anything she consumes. We’ve got her outfitted with a special throne (okay, chair, whatever) for mealtimes now and she has steadily gained weight and is learning how to be a dog. (She also likes to put herself into the chair anytime she thinks she should get a snack. Hey, Mom. Mom! Mom! I’m in the chair! Feed me!!) She gets medication twice a day and needs to use her chair for meals, but other than that, she’s healthy and and a typically developing dog.

At just over a year and technically still a puppy, Dally has proven to be smart and quick to learn the rules! She is fully housebroken, keeps her crate clean all night long, and will reliably “sit” or “leave it” upon command.

Dally lives with humans of all ages, other dogs, cats, and has been around farm animals. No worries, she loves them all! Everyone is very exciting and a potential new BFF. She is still learning her own size and how to calm down, so while she loves everyone and everything, her exuberance could be a touch overwhelming for other small creatures. Currently she is learning to listen to the corrections of the cats in her household, because although they’re super fun to chase, sometimes they would like her to stop. Again, she’s still young, so we expect with consistent training she will settle down a bit.

Foster mom describes Dally as the perfect combination of loving everyone yet not being needy or clingy. Do you want to play with her? Right on! Just want her to settle down a bit? She’s happy to just snuggle in nearby. She “talks” to her humans, using a variety of sounds that are hilarious.

Dally is down for new adventures and Netflix binges, alike. Currently she enjoys a couple of short walks each day. She will not be well-suited to super long excursions, especially in warmer weather, as dehydration is a concern (and taking her chair on a hike would be… awkward). But she’s ready to meet new friends, explore new toys, and says that sometimes slowing down a bit is how you savor the good stuff.

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