born ~October 2020

30 lbs.

Nearly Crate Trained!

Nearly Housebroken! 

“Just because something is not perfect does not make it any less worthy of love.” – Daphne Bridgerton

Meet Daphne! This brown-eyed beauty is 11 months old and currently weighs 30 pounds, and we expect her to top out around 40-45 pounds when she reaches maturity. Though nothing in life is perfect, we think Daphne is pretty darn close!

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Daphne is officially house-trained! She hasn’t figured out a signal for when she needs to go outside, but with somewhat regularly-scheduled opportunities, she has never had an accident in the house. As for crate-training, Daphne nearly has the hang of it. She will happily chase a treat or a chew toy into her crate and will often settle right down until it’s time to play again. Sometimes when she thinks she’s missing out too much on the fun that might be going on outside her crate, she will protest for a bit before ultimately settling down. With a bit more practice, Daphne will check off crate-training on her list of accomplishments.

Daphne is new around here and still learning her basic commands, which we’ll be able to report on and she’ll be able to show off in no time.

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Daphne is a bit shy around new dogs, but curious enough to warm up relatively quickly. She is not shy at all around cats and might be considered a bit too curious around them. While Daphne has been fine with dog-savvy cats, in general she may do best in a house without them.

Kids, on the other hand, are pure friendship in Daphne’s eyes. We have so far seen her with older kids (11-13) and she is very gentle and sweet with them. 

Behavior around People

Daphne is definitely a people-pleaser. She is a little shy at first but then completely melts into you with her cuddles. She is affectionate without being needy.

Exercise Needs

Daphne is surprisingly lazy! She will happily be a couch potato and snuggle on the couch, though she would also do great on either short or long walks. As if she couldn’t get any cuter, when she does run across the backyard, her ears have a mind of their own and go flopping every which way.

Daphne is an absolute character and as sweet as can be. Think she might be the perfect addition to your family? Contact us today!

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