born ~March 2019

50 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


Eunha: Dad, did you buy me a gift?

Hyun Soo: Sorry, I forgot.

Eunha: It is okay, Dad, you are my gift. I like you more than anything in the world.

– Flower of Evil

Introducing Eunha (pronounced “Yoon-ah”)!  She is a young and sweet girl with a tail that just won’t stop wagging.  She weighs about 50 pounds and may put on just a few more before she’s at her perfect weight. 

Sweet Eunha has not had a single accident in her foster home.  She even signaled once to her foster mom by sitting at the door, licking foster mom’s arm, and then going back to the door.  In general, her foster mom just takes her out every few hours and Eunha happily obliges.  She knows exactly where she’s supposed to potty!  Eunha is still new here so she has not added many tricks to her trick book just yet, but she surely will soon.  Eunha does well in her crate, too.  She will happily follow a treat in there at the “crate” command, sleep soundly through the night, and keep her “bedroom” free of accidents.  She doesn’t love being crated during the day when foster mom is busy but she quickly settles in.  She whimpers a little at first in quiet protest but then she just takes a nap and waits for the next snuggle session.

Eunha currently lives in a house with another dog and gets along well with her.  Both Eunha and the other dog love receiving pets and cuddles, and Eunha is learning that it’s okay for the other dog to receive pets and cuddles too!  Eunha recently had a big playdate with three other doggie friends and did awesome with them, including the energetic smaller one that was jumping all over her and licking her face constantly.  In terms of human friends, Eunha can be a bit shy at first but seems to like all humans just the same.  She warms up pretty quickly and just melts when she receives affection.  It seems like Eunha can get along with just about anyone… however, she definitely will prefer her forever home to be without any feline friends.

Eunha has playful, young-dog energy without being hyperactive.  So far, she has been on a few 3-mile walks and they definitely tire her out after.  She may build her stamina over time but for now, walks of any length should suffice for Eunha’s regular exercise needs.  Eunha loves ferociously – her foster mom likes to call her a lizard because she loves to stick out her little lizard tongue and lick her people all over.  Another nickname she has earned is Thumper, as she really uses that tail, thumping it enthusiastically against the floor when you look at her, speak to her, or give her pets.  The only thing Eunha does not yet enjoy is being in the car.  She tries to make herself as small as possible, sitting on the floor and sandwiching herself behind her foster mom’s seat until the journey is over.  With more practice, we know that Eunha will come to learn that car rides mean fun times like park and play time!

Little by little, Eunha is learning that the world is full of good people that want to love her as much as she wants to love.  Are you ready to give Eunha the gift of lifelong love and cuddles? Contact us today!

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