born ~ May 2017

16 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!


“Heroes don’t wear diapers. It’s just not cool.” – Felix Baumgartner

Introducing Felix, the fluffiest little gentleman! Felix is around 5 years old and weighs in at 16 pounds, making him the perfect lap dog size! 

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Felix is housebroken! He’s great about holding it through the night and with a regular routine, is comfortable with not going in the house. Our friend, Felix, does sometimes mark in the house when he’s comfortable but a belly band does just the trick! 

As far as the crate goes, however, Felix is NOT a fan. He does okay in the crate, but has to be dragged inside and then will bolt out of it the minute he’s free. He currently is allowed to hang out outside of his crate when his foster parents leave because he does that well without it! 

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Felix has lived in multiple households with multiple different dogs, as well as in a home with cats. He does have his moments where he prefers to be left alone, but overall he doesn’t mind hanging out and/or having animal siblings who are respectful of his boundaries. In fact, he’s even gotten comfortable enough to play with one of his foster siblings! 

Behavior around People

Felix is a nervous guy, but that makes how much he loves his people that much more rewarding! He is easily startled, so it takes a bit to warm up to new people, but once he does he is sold. He loves to cuddle next to “his people” whether on the couch or on the bed, and will happily get pets and belly rubs but doesn’t demand them. He does the cutest thing when being pet, like pawing his ears, to show you just how much he enjoys it! He does seem to pick a person in the house that he’ll gravitate toward and may be more willing to receive love and attention from that specific person. 

Exercise Needs

Because of his size, Felix is pretty easy to take care of! He doesn’t need extensive exercising, but enjoys time exploring his foster’s fenced-in yard and a brief 1-2 mile walk a few times a day! His foster jokes that he’s like a cat or a houseplant because he mostly just spends his days lazing away in his various chosen spots around the house. 

Felix is a great little guy who needs a forever person that’ll help him be confident and understand his needs. Think you want to add Felix to your family? Contact us today!

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