born April 3, 2023

~13.5 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning Housebreaking!

Introducing The Hunger Games pups! 

There are four girls (Annie, Mags, Primrose, and Rue) and four boys (Finnick, Gale, Haymitch, and Peeta), all of whom are so excited to get to meet their future forever families.

The pups are eight weeks old and we are overjoyed to get to introduce them to you! 

The puppies are charting to be pretty big pups! Momma weighs in at around 90 pounds, so we’re guessing that they’ll probably range from 75-110 pounds themselves.

In fact, the biggest brother in the litter (Peeta) currently weighs in at 15 pounds at 8 weeks! Rue, the smallest sister of the bunch, is just a tad behind at 12 pounds. The rest of the pups fall somewhere in between those numbers. 

Both Momma Katniss and Foster Momma are working hard to make sure our pups are happy, healthy and ready to go home! They’re growing up in a home with many other animals (including other dogs, cats, chickens and goats!) as well as human teenagers (a breed of their own!), so with a solid foundation like that, it’ll be up to you to continue their socialization so that they can be the best pups they can be. 

Interested in these big pawed pups? Contact us today! 

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