Hank – Adopted!!!


born ~January 2022

40 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.”

Hank Aaron 

Introducing Hank! You may think you recognize this guy and you should, but not for the reason you think. We believe Hank is the son of our recently adopted May! They look strikingly similar. Not only that though, Hank was actually previously with ACR as “Alvin” a bouncing puppy full of spunk and life. He wasn’t a good fit for his first adoptive family, but is back again looking for the right fit and his forever family. 

Hank was born in January, making him right around nine months old and weighing in at 40 pounds! He should be nearly done growing now and will likely get to around 45-50 pounds once he’s fully filled out. But don’t worry – this guy is likely gonna stay a smaller, low-rider! 

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Hank is both crate AND house-trained! He keeps his crate clean and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. When he has to go potty, he does give out a bark to let his foster mom know he’s gotta go! Because he’s on crate rest with his neuter, he’s spent a decent amount of time in there and doesn’t protest too much. At this time, he’s working on learning all his basic commands. 

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

So far, Hank is doing pretty well alongside all the animals in his foster home! 

He’s interested in the cats in the home and may chase them thinking it’s a game if they run, but we’d guess he’d do well in a home with a dog-savvy cat or with appropriate corrections from his people. He’s enjoying his canine foster siblings (albeit a bit shy at first) and we think he’d do well in a home with another confident and playful dog! 

Hank also lives in a foster home with older children and is doing amazing with them! He loves snuggles and to play so he may be too much for a home with smaller children until he learns his manners. 

Behavior around People

Hank LOVES his people! He may be momentarily shy at first but then he dives right in with loving everyone! He is the quintessential lap dog and will snuggle his way into your heart. We have seldom met a dog who loves to snuggle as much as Hank does! 

If you’re not feeling it though – Hank is happy to just hang nearby. He’ll keep himself busy and is content just knowing you’re around the corner.

Exercise Needs

A medium dog (not always but this time) means medium energy. He loves walks and to smell around outside (and is even GREAT on a leash!). He’ll toss a toy around by himself or play fetch with you if you want. But once he’s got his little zooms out, he’s happy to just laze around and snuggle. 

We’re in love with this low-rider and know you will be too! Contact us today!

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