Hazel – Adopted!!!


born ~December 2021

28 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!!

Nearly Housebroken!

“I can see all my wishes in your sparkling hazel eyes.”
– Unknown

Welcome Hazel! At right around a year old, this very good girl is the perfect mix of puppy playfulness and learning-to-adult doggo. If you’re looking to be worshipped, Hazel may be just what you’re looking for.

Hazel is crate trained and is (somewhat reluctantly) learning to “kennel up” on command (because she’d obviously rather be with you). She’ll fuss a bit and then settle down, and sleeps through the night with no issues. As for potty training, well, Hazel is happy to follow her canine siblings outside and do her business, but has not yet learned to signal if she needs to go at a time when the whole pack isn’t already heading out. Foster mom is working on it with her and she’s very close to figuring it out. She’ll also sit on command, preferably while staring deep into your soul and convincing you to pet her.

We haven’t seen Hazel around cats yet, but she has three canine siblings she adores and respects. That means she plays hard with her chihuahua mix brother, accepts her sister as the top dog in the pack, and is submissive with any dog larger than she is. She also lives with one human tween whom she seems to regard as another adult.

Hazel loves you very much. Yes, already. Are you human? She loves you. She may be a little shy at first–okay, if you’re a guy she might even piddle a little, but we swear it’s endearing–but before you know it she’s pressed up against your leg, staring at you with adoration. Some might even use the word needy, but it’s simply a matter of establishing boundaries with her. If it’s not time for snuggles, Hazel will eventually find a cozy dog bed to relax into and leave you be. (But really, wouldn’t you rather pet her? All the time? She really thinks you would.)

Regular exercise does wonders for keeping Hazel’s behavior in line, because we all know a tired dog is a good dog. She loves romping in the yard with other dogs, going for leisurely walks, and even long hikes. She may be sort of small, but she can keep up! We think she might even figure out fetch one of these days, but right now Hazel firmly believes humans are for pets/loving and dogs are for playing. She would love to find herself in a forever home with a canine sibling (or two or three) to continue teaching her the ropes.

Do you see a future with Hazel by your side? Contact us today!

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