Jubilee – Adopted!!!


born ~May, 2016

45 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!!


“Life is one long jubilee.”
– Ira Gershwin

Welcome Jubilee! This pretty girl has had a rough go of it, and was pulled from the shelter as a timid and sickly dog of indeterminate age and uncertain future. Now that she’s had some time to get medical treatment and settle into her foster home, we’ve learned that “Jujube” (as she is more often called) is a loving companion who’s never met a stranger.

Housebroken? Jubilee will do you one better, because she’s toting a bladder of steel and would rather hold it forever than soil your rugs. She’s also perfectly happy to spend time in her crate and keeps it clean, though if you wanted to add in a Kong or other fun distraction, so much the better. Basic commands are no big deal for Juju, and she’s gonna wag her little nub of a tail while she sits, stays, offers a paw, or lies down at your behest.

Jubilee currently lives with a mix of adults, kids, dogs, cats, and even some farm animals. So far she has completely ignored the cats and made it clear that chickens must be wearing visible-only-to-her “Tasty Nuggets” signs. (Perhaps her only fault, and we forgive her… and keep the chickens far away.) As for the canine members of her pack, Jubilee can be a bit picky; structured introductions to other dogs are a must, as it’s hard to know ahead of time whether she’ll mesh with another dog or not.

When it comes to people, though, Jubilee is single-minded, and that one all-important thought simply boils down to “Love me, please.” Kids, adults; she’s not picky, just keep petting! Although she’s happy to ride along in the car or go for a low-key walk, she’s happiest as your Netflix and/or couch potato buddy. She’ll paw you for more love, but if you’re busy, no worries! She’ll find something to do on her own if she must.

Juju’s foster mom says she’s the ideal go-with-the-flow girl, just happy to be near you and not requiring much in the way of exercise or entertainment beyond your love and ability to scritch the spots she can’t reach.

Jubilee has lots of love to give and plenty of years left to give it. Are you powerless against those soulful brown eyes? Contact us today about adopting her!

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