Kirby – Adoption Pending!


born ~January 2021

70 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“Go meddle in someone else’s affairs, Squishy, I’ve got to get to the Dream Fountain.” – Kirby’s Avalanche, Nintendo

Meet Kirby! This big pup weighs a whopping 75 pounds and is about 10 months old. After he has reached maturity, we expect him to top out at around 80 pounds, so there will be even more of him to love.

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Kirby is a smart guy! He is crate AND house trained! In terms of commands, Kirby is very quickly learning “sit” and will be sure to add more to his trick book soon.

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Kirby is a big fan of having dog friends, and the more the better! He loves playing with his foster siblings and would make a great dog park dog. Kirby is a fan of cats — maybe too much of a fan, so he’ll need a home without them. Kirby has not really met children yet, so stay tuned as we continue getting to know him.

Behavior around People

Kirby loves people and will trot right up to his new friends and ask for pets. He loves receiving pets from his foster mom but is not needy about it. It’s the perfect mix!

Exercise Needs

Kirby’s got typical 10-month-old, hound dog energy. He loves to play with his dog friends and would enjoy regular play dates and/or trips to the dog park. When formal outings are not on the agenda, he will do well with regular walks, on which he likes to keep his nose to the ground in true hound dog fashion.

Kirby has such a charming personality with his adorable play bows and his excitement to meet new friends at every turn. Ready to make Kirby’s dreams come true? Contact us today!

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