Leftie – Adopted!!!


born ~March 2023

40 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housetrained!!!

When nothing goes right, go left. 

Introducing Leftie! 

This sweet girl has been through quite a lot for not even being a year old yet. Due to the abuse she likely endured, she had some of the most severe wounds that our local animal shelter had ever seen and she had to have one of her back legs amputated.

She is currently learning how to live her life as a “tripod” and how to just be a dog in general without the weight of abuse hanging over her.

She weighs in at 45 pounds, but shouldn’t gain much more weight, likely topping out around 50 pounds. 

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Leftie is almost housetrained! She is a girl that LOVES a good schedule and will keep her house accident free as long as she’s let out regularly. She knows that outside = potty, but doesn’t always understand that she’s gotta hold it when she’s gotta go! 

She IS crate trained! Leftie goes in her kennel when asked (and sometimes even just to hang out!). When she knows that it means her people are leaving without her, she may cry for a few minutes but will settle quickly. At night, she’s typically ready to go to sleep and doesn’t make a peep in her kennel and keeps it clean all night! 

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

While Leftie doesn’t live with any cats or children, she’s met several kiddos on her walks around foster mom’s neighborhood and has done great with them! She enjoyed getting pets and was an absolutely delightful girl. 

Leftie lives with four other dogs in her foster home and does so well with all of them! She listens to her siblings well and reads their body language like a pro. She loves to play, but more often can just be found hanging around as a more “calm” presence in the pack.

Behavior around People

Leftie is a sweet girl. Though a bit shy when meeting new people, once she warms up to new friends, she is as friendly as they come. She loves to get loved on by her people, but isn’t pushy about affection. She loves to be near her people, whether that be independently chewing on a bone, snoozing, or getting pets. She has a sad past with humans, but seemingly has left that behind and is more than ready to trust again. 

Exercise Needs

Leftie is a relatively calm and laid back girl, but she is still a puppy so there are spurts of energy to be had! She loves going on walks with her people, or zooming around the yard. 

When nothing goes right, go left(ie)! Contact us today!

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