Maggie – Special Needs


born ~September 2015

57 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” – Lilo and Stitch

Maggie is a 6 year old, sweet and loving tripod who weighs around 55 pounds and is overflowing with personality!  From her excited for food spit bubbles that form at the corner of her lips, to her snores when catching an afternoon cat nap, to the occasional toots that slips out and she plays off like “who did that?!”… A day with Maggie is sure to brighten anyone’s day with smiles and laughs!

…but seriously though Maggie might even be able to make grandpa blush with her impressive snores and toots!

Maggie is completely crate-trained and housebroken, in fact she is so good she can be trusted to have free rein in the house. Maggie prefers to just snooze the day away on the couch until her person comes home. She knows basic tricks like “sit,” “stay,” and “down” and has mastered several types of food puzzles.  She is one smart pup!

Maggie has such an optimistic view of the world.  Every stranger is a best friend she just hasn’t met yet. Foster Mom says Maggie gets the whole-body wiggles every time she walks through the door; gone all day for work or just out for a quick errand? Full body wiggles! 

A couple of short walks are usually enough exercise for Maggie, but she really lights up and loves to run around the yard if the opportunity presents itself!  She loves showing off how fast she is, being a tripod doesn’t hold her back at all! She also loves to play tug-of-war with anyone up for the challenge, but will totally entertain herself with some of her favorite toys if her humans are busy.  Kongs stuffed with treats and peanut butter stuffed is her favorite, hint hint! 

At the end of the day when its time to wind down, if she catches you looking at her, she’ll probably wiggle over to you to ask for some butt scratches and belly rubs! If she could have her way, she’d cuddle up close to someone all day long. When she gets super cozy, she spreads out to take up as much room on the couch as she can, and her foster mom just doesn’t have the heart to move her when she’s so peaceful!

Maggie needs a home where she is the only resident animal – she’s got enough love for everybody! She enjoys occasional playdates with other friendly ACR dogs after a structured introduction but at home she is queen of the castle.

Maggie is patiently waiting for her forever family to discover her. Could that be you? Contact us today, she can’t wait to meet you!  

*Local to the Athens area? Georgia Dog Trainer LLC is offering a few continuing education classes to Maggie’s family so they can learn everything she knows and how she communicates, after all who wouldn’t want to learn to speak Maggie?!

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