Pimento – Adopted!!!


born ~April 2022

35 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“I’m an insurance investigator. I can do whatever I want.” Adrian Pimento, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Introducing Pimento, our sweetest little slice of cheese! Pimento is around 8 months old and weighs in (currently) at 35 pounds. When she’s full grown, she’ll likely weigh between 40-45 pounds. She’s a growing gal! 

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Pimento is absolutely impressing us! She is already house AND crate trained! At 8 months old, this is an impressive feat. And did we mention she even signals when she has to go out? She does protest a bit when she goes into her kennel, but will settle in nicely once she realizes the party isn’t happening without her. She even already knows “sit” and “lay down”! 

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Pimento hasn’t met any children or cats, but she is a GREAT FRIEND to all other social and friendly dogs! She is happy to bound up to each new canine friend she meets and get to know them. She LOVES to play and currently enjoys getting her energy out by playing with her foster canine sister. 

She likely would do best in a house with children who are a little older, as she still has quite a bit of puppy energy and that includes a bit of puppy nibbling and jumping that we are working on. 

Behavior around People

As most puppies, Pimento is just happy to be around people! She doesn’t mind hanging out on her own if you aren’t up for pets, but if you’ll give her attention, she’ll happily take it! She has never met a stranger. She’s the goofiest pup and just seems to love life. 

Energy + Exercise Needs

Again, because she’s a puppy, she’s got energy! She wants to play all the time but will settle for independent play or a chew toy if she can’t convince her canine friends to tumble with her. 

As for her exercise needs, she’s been doing well with walks during the day and playing with her foster siblings. She’d likely do well in a house either with another dog, or with a family who enjoys hiking and/or running with her. 

We are obsessed with Pimento (the dog, not the cheese) and we think you will be too! Contact us today!

Athens Canine Rescue
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