born ~January 2022

35 lbs.

Nearly Crate Trained!

Nearly House Trained!

“A little rain each day will fill the river to overflowing.”
— Liberian Proverb

Introducing Rain, who is overflowing with love for his family and joy for life! Seriously though… this pup basically has the song “Everything is awesome!” on repeat in his head all day, every day. Rain is currently a year old and weighs in at just about 40 pounds!

Anyone who meets our sweet Rain can see that he is a special boy! His bright blue eye is sure to grab your attention and that big smile is sure to steal your heart. Rain has the most unique little bounce to his step, a prance if you will! Rain has a minor congenital condition that makes him a little clumsy and gives him his signature prance, he has seen a specialist and it doesn’t require any special attention, it just makes him unique!

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands
Rain has made great strides on both house and crate training. He still needs a consistent routine, but with a proper schedule he has been doing really well at his housebreaking!

Rain did struggle with weight loss and accidents initially with foster mom but after many long conversations with the vet started a medicine trial for exocrine pancreas insufficiency and it was a success! Rain is now a healthy weight, having fewer accidents, and finally has a beautiful shiny coat! EPI is very manageable with meds, and they are less than $10 a month!

As far as the crate goes, Rain will cry for just a bit, reminding you that he’s there and would rather be with you, but once he’s settled, he’s good to go! He currently stays in the crate at night, for all his meals, and if his foster family goes out.

Rain is learning basic commands; he has mastered “touch” and is working hard on “sit.”

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids
Because he’s a young adult, life’s a breeze for Rain! He is curious and fun, and will play, play, play, if you let him. He’s been around children from ages 3 and up and overall, he’s great with them, they are more hands to pet him and maybe if he is lucky a sticky face to lick clean!

Chasing the resident cats can be a fun game at times when he is feeling especially rambunctious, but he will quickly stop if he is corrected by the cat (or human).

As far as other dogs go, Rain loves them! He can often be found playing with his foster siblings and not much hurts his feelings! He can sometimes be the annoying little brother to his older housemates and he doesn’t always take the hint he should go play elsewhere but once again a little redirection from his human goes a long way!

Behavior around People + Exercise Needs
Rain is by all accounts a social butterfly. He loves to play every possible way, with whomever is willing. He loves people and is one of the friendliest pups we’ve ever had! Trips to Lowe’s or Tractors Supply is all in a day’s work.

When he is tired of shopping he just sprawls out in the aisle waiting for other people to notice him and ask for pets! Rain especially loves snuggles on the couch once he’s got his energy out.

He’s not demanding about attention, though, and will leave you alone if you aren’t up for it in the moment. (But seriously, look at that face and tell me you don’t want to snuggle him right now.)

Rain is a hop, skip, and a sideways run (literally) away from being yours! Contact us today!

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