Roosevelt – Adopted!!!


born ~May 2021

10 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House Training!

Introducing Roosevelt, from our “Orphan Annie” litter!

At just one week old, our “Orphan Annie” litter was found in a box on the side of the road. They were brought into the local county shelter and then into our program, where their amazing foster mom bottle fed and hand raised them. They’re growing so fast and are all ready to find their forever families! At eleven weeks old, they are around 10 pounds each, so they are expected to be around 40-50 pounds when full grown. Anyone who adopts them should be okay with their pup ending up a little smaller or bigger than that. Because we have no idea who their mom or dad are, it is a true guessing game.

Roosevelt is such a sweet and gentle pup with the most loving puppy eyes. Like most pups, he’s still exploring his personality, and he’s still discovering what this world has to offer. Because of that, he can be molded into just about anything you’d like him to be! With proper socialization, he should be good with kids, dogs, cats, and any other animals that you’d like – you just have to invest in him!

Sweet Roosevelt is looking for forever. Could it be you? Contact us today about the Orphan Annie litter!

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