born ~March 2021

15 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House Training!

Ready? Set. BAKE! -The Great British Bake Off

Introducing our deliciously scrumptious, Tiramisu!  She is the final baby of our Bakery Litter seeking that ever so coveted prize, a star baker (forever home) of her very own!

Tiramisu is now 10 weeks old and at her last check up weighed in at 10lbs!  Her mama is ACR Mary Berry, a petite and proper lady at just 40lbs.  Tiramisu seems to be following in her footsteps and will likely be near her mama’s size, but her family shouldn’t be too surprised if she is a little more or little less when she grows up.

Tiramisu may be small but she is mighty!  This girl has personality to spare! With each week she is learning more about this big world.  Crate training and house training?  Kicking butt and taking names!  Learning to play with doggy friends?  You bet!  Meeting new people? The more people to pet her!  Baking world class desserts?  Well…not quite, but puppies at this age can easily be molded into just about anything you want them to be! Foster mom has created an excellent base layer and now all that is needed is a forever family to refine this little bake into the deliciously sweet and perfect adult we know she will become!

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