born ~June 2020

47 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“I just think you should know that out of all, in all the world, you have my most favorite face.”

— Tyler Knott Gregson

Meet Ty!  This bundle of cuteness and excitement is a young guy – just under a year old – and weighs about 47 pounds.  Ty has legs for DAYS, but we do not expect him to get too much bigger, though he may continue filling out as he reaches maturity.

Ty has been doing great with his crate training and will even go in on command.  Though he will quietly protest at first by whining, after a few minutes he settles right in and stays quiet until his foster mom comes to get him. When Ty first came to us, he wasn’t quite as potty-trained as many pups his age should be, but he has done remarkably well getting up to speed! He hasn’t had an accident since his very first day with us and has even learned to signal when it’s time to go. Once outside, Ty happily obliges and goes potty right away. While he’s still adjusting, it’s a good general rule to take him outside every 4-5 hours, but if he really needs to go he won’t hesitate to let you know. Keep up the good work, Ty!

Ty absolutely loves dog friends.  He would love to have a doggy sibling, but regular play dates will also suffice.  He has met other dogs that did not want to play with him (how rude!) but he responded very well to their correction, simply backing off and waiting until his feelings were reciprocated by a different dog.  Ty currently lives in a home with cats, and he does fine with them, though he definitely wants to play and tries to incite it by play-bowing and occasionally letting out a bark.  Ty would probably do best with dog-savvy cats that are not shy about giving out corrections.  In terms of human friends, Ty loves all of the big ones and is not shy about coming right up and asking for all the head scratches.  As for small children, Ty’s size and energy can be a bit too much for them, since he has no idea just how big he is!

This leggy boy is such a playful goofball and he’ll keep a smile on your face all day. Foster mom says that he’s just a big puppy and, with the right energy outlet, he’s a blast to be around and play with! Ty definitely has opinions and will let out a sigh now and then to make sure you know he’s bored, but he’s also learning that sometimes his people have to work and that he will just have to wait until it’s his turn to do something fun! Ty loves to get some of that puppy energy out and has had a blast going on play dates and to the dog park with some of his four-legged friends. He has never met a stranger – on two legs or four – and is happy to get attention and chase toys as long as you’ll let him.

Ty has come a long way in a short amount of time.  He just needs someone with a bit of patience as he continues his training, and in return you will be his favorite person ever and he will love you always.

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