Adoption  procedures

Athens Canine Rescue (ACR) is a nonprofit dog rescue in Athens, Georgia. We do not have a physical shelter, so all of our dogs live in foster homes until they are adopted.

The first step in our adoption procedure is our adoption application. Because all the dogs are in foster homes, we require the application first as a means of opening communication between you and the foster home. It will tell us more about you and what kind of dog you are looking for, and in turn we can tell you more about our foster dogs.

Often someone will want to meet a dog before filling out the application – and this is completely understandable. However, the application does not “lock you in” to adopting a dog. It is simply the first step to make sure the adoption might be a good fit for you as well as a good fit for the foster dog. Since we are all volunteers and have to coordinate the schedule of everyone involved, the application just helps us all communicate before a meeting is set. We appreciate your time and patience with us!

Our adoption fee is $250 per dog. We accept payment by Venmo, PayPal, or card.

This includes: basic vet care (i.e. basic vaccinations, including boosters completed after adoption, spay/neuter, heartworm/flea preventatives, and treatment for any health needs while in our care), a microchip, a week’s worth of food for the trial-period, and a harness lead.

Up-to-date on shots/medications
Treated with monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventatives

*Each dog is spayed/neutered while in ACR’s care if determined of age by a veterinarian. If the dog is adopted before it is of age, we will schedule the surgery for the adopter once the dog is old enough. The surgery will be done by the veterinarian that the dog saw while in ACR’s care.

As we operate completely through a network of foster homes and don’t have a facility, we require that an application must be on file and approved before we schedule a time for you to meet one of our pups. If you apply wanting to choose between multiple of our pups, we will either choose which one will be the most likely best fit for you to meet first or talk to you about which may be the case. You will be asked to decide yes/no about that first dog before considering others.

If you don’t quite know what kind of dog might be a good fit for your home, or have an idea but don’t see one in our program, we are happy to accept Request applications. Simply fill out an application and put ‘Request’ as the dog’s name. Then, fill out the application with as much information about your home, lifestyle, and what kind of dog you are interested in. Then we will attempt to match you with a good fit from our program, or keep your information in mind when we are pulling new dogs into our program. If we bring in a new dog to our program with you in mind you are not obligated to adopt that dog – it just gives you the first chance at considering the pup before we offer them to the public.

Once you submit an application, the Adoption Coordinator will contact you within 48 hours about processing your application and/or potentially setting up a time for a meet. Processing time for an application can vary depending on how quickly we can contact references, landlords to confirm the pet policy, veterinarians to confirm any current pets are up to date on healthcare, and discussing with the foster home whether you may be a good fit for their pup. We appreciate your patience as we are all volunteers often balancing our own work, family, and other commitments.

Meeting Dogs:
Meets currently can only happen with one person from the application, one from the foster home, and/or an ACR coordinator. Everyone is required to wear masks, and we endeavor to keep the meets under half an hour in length.

If the meet goes well, you may be able to take the dog to start a one-week trial period, which is offered to all adopters. This is to help give you time to decide if this is the right dog for your family by having them in your home. At any time during that week you may confirm adoption or return the dog. The adoption fee will be refunded if the dog is returned during the trial period. If your dog is due for any vaccinations, heartworm/flea preventatives, or other vet care, our vets will provide that during the trial period.

You can contact our adoption coordinator at if you have trouble with the application. Please note that we often don’t receive applications when completed on an iPhone. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Thank you for thinking about adopting a dog from ACR!


Athens Canine Rescue
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