Gus – Pup of the Week!


born ~October 2017

35 lbs.

Crate trained!


Gus is Pup of the Week!

Commit to the G(us).

Welcome Gus!! This 10 month old pup is currently 35 pounds, and should top out at 50 pounds or less once fully grown!

We are happy to report that Gus is house trained! It took him a while to master this skill, but with a consistent potty schedule, he’s accident free. If he does have to go, he will patiently sit by the door to let his Foster Parents know. Gus is also crate trained! He goes into his kennel for food, and to relax while his Foster Parents are away or otherwise busy. If he’s still feeling playful, he may need some added encouragement to go to his kennel.

Gus recently met a cat at the vet’s office. As he is a very friendly dog, he wanted them to play with him, but we think he could do well with a family who owns a cat.. He is submissive to other dogs, and constantly wants to play with them. While at the dog park he showed off his play knowledge by being able to play hard with the larger dogs, but also tone it down to a gentle wrestle with smaller pups. Confidence is not an issue with Gus, as he will gladly walk up to any person or dog and expect them to be friends at first sight. He does great with kids too! At a recent trip to the dog park, he even had five children aged 2-10 years old pet him, and Gus couldn’t get enough of it!

Energy-wise, Gus is currently content with some play sessions in the backyard with his dog- and human-friends, and/or longer walks throughout the day. Even though Gus loves attention – given the opportunity he will glady shower his Foster Parents with lots of kisses and snuggles – he can also entertain himself with toys if his friends are busy. He loves playing with toys, digging holes, army-crawling across damp grass, or trying to sneak his way into your bed to force you into a game of hide-and-seek! Gus is quite the chatterbox, and loves letting you know that he wants to play, or that he’s waiting to be let outside. Gus also loves water – he loves playing in the river, and trying to eat water from the hose!

If he’s not trying to talk to you or play, you can bet that he’ll probably be in a play bow stance! Gus says that he does his best thinking that way, and who are we to disagree with that cute face?

Ready to Commit to the G(us)?! Contact us today if you think you are a great fit for our playful and talkative busy bee!

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