born 12/18/22

45 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“Nature was indeed at her artistic best when she created the nutmeg, a delight to the eye…”

Waverly Root

Welcome back, Nutmeg! 

You may recognize this pretty girl as one of the puppies from Winnie’s litter this past Christmas season. She’s growing up quickly and is just as gorgeous as her Mom. She currently weighs in at 45 pounds at around 7 months, but will likely top out around 65 pounds.

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Nutmeg is both crate AND house-trained! She does great on a schedule and keeps her crate clean at night. She does need a little bribe (like a treat!) to go in her crate, but otherwise, she does so well and is such a good girl. 

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Nutmeg has done great with cats, dogs, and children! She’s a little nervous with both cats and dogs, but is friendly and happy to interact once she warms up. 

She is also good with her human foster siblings, but because she’s always SO excited, she’d likely do better with older children until she learns to keep all four paws on the floor! 

Behavior around People

Nutmeg LOVES people! She’s so sweet and will happily snuggle anyone who will let her. 

Exercise Needs

With a gait like a baby deer, watching Nutmeg run around is such a fun treat! She’s got the typical puppy energy, but just about any exercise regimen is enough to tucker her out and let her snuggle right up to you. 

Those hazel eyes had us swooning at first sight! In love? Contact us today!

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