born 11/24/2023

~35 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!

Introducing The Munchkins!

This group of 11 pups was born on 11/24/23 and are just about ready for the forever homes! This litter includes 6 sisters and 5 brothers, all of whom have their own unique coloring and personalities!

The puppies just turned 5 months old and there are four puppies left! At this age they weigh between 30-40 pounds each, and based on that, we guess that they will likely be in the 50-80 pound range as adults.

Drake is our other big lovable boy. He likes to play with his siblings but also sit with you and enjoy all the cuddles you have to offer. Sneaky treat snatching master. If one of his siblings drops a snack he can be clear across the room but you’ll look up and see him happily trotting away with his new found snack.

All of the puppies are well socialized and are nearly house trained! They all are crate trained, as well! They are going to be perfect for any family and we can’t wait for them to get their own!

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