born ~April 2023

~70 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“My name’s Hiccup. Great name, I know. But it’s not the worst. Parents believe a hideous name will frighten off gnomes and trolls. Like our charming Viking demeanor wouldn’t do that.”

Hiccup Haddock III, How to Train Your Dragon

Introducing Hiccup! 

You won’t recognize this face but he’s not exactly “new”, either. Hiccup’s been hanging with us for a while! He came to us with a “bum” leg which had to be amputated. Since then, he’s been learning how to live a dog’s life with just three legs. His hind leg issues likely stem from a congenital problem and may in the future need a check-up on his remaining hind leg. For now though, he’s living his best tripod life! 

Hiccup is a year old! He weighs somewhere in the 75-80 pound range, and will likely top out around 80-90 pounds (give or take a leg). 

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Hiccup is house-trained! As long as he’s on a regular schedule, Hiccup will potty outside. The only accidents he has is if he’s left too long in the crate while he’s barking and letting you know he needs to go! 

He’s also crate trained! If he knows he’s missing out on the fun, he’ll put up a little bit of a fuss but hey — he’s the life of the party, so who’s having a blast without him anyway? 

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Hiccup is great with dogs, cats, and kids. 

He ignores cats, is gentle with kids, and is happy to play with his canine foster siblings. His favorite right now is his doxie foster sibling who’s the size of his head! 

Behavior around People

Hiccup loves people and is the best snuggle buddy. Everyone he meets is a friend and he is a friend to everyone he meets! 

Exercise Needs

Because of his leg issues, Hiccup doesn’t require a lot of exercise and would not make a good hiking or running buddy. He will need walks to ensure he maintains a healthy weight, but otherwise, he’d be happy to just hang out in your arms (or at your feet!) 

Hiccup is our best boy, and we think you’ll agree! Contact us today!

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